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Name: Xenpak Module
Time: 2014-5-14
Product description: The data rate of this series is 10G.DW-D96XX-XXCP are all dual fiber modules.They have duplex LC connectors.Distance of transmitter can be from 300m to 80km. All modules of Dongwe can be compatible with Cisco equipment
Product details :

 Part Number  Description  Download
 DW-D9685-03CK  10G,dual fiber,850nm, 300m, 0ºC ~ +70ºC  Download
 DW-D9655-80CK  10G,dual fiber,1550nm, 80km, 0ºC ~ +70ºC  Download
 DW-D9655-40CK  10G,dual fiber,1550nm, 40km, 0ºC ~ +70ºC  Download
 DW-D9631-10CK  10G,dual fiber,1310nm, 10km, 0ºC ~ +70ºC  Download
 DW-D9631-02CK  10G,dual fiber,1310nm, 220m, 0ºC ~ +70ºC  Download