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Name: 1 Channel Video Converter
Time: 2014-3-26
Product description: The Product provides customer with the most cost-effective solution for transmission of 1 channel uncompressed digital video, 1 reversed stereo audio and 1 reversed RS232/RS422/RS485 data over one single fiber cable. It is an easy installation and adjustment free device while providing high quality, real-time video. The product may also be maintained by our future Network Management System.
Product details :

Transport 1 channel digitized, high quality, uncompressed video

 ≤10 MHz video bandwidth, Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM

Provide 1 reversed stereo audio and 1 reversed data transmission over same optical fiber 

Easy installation and adjustment free 

Transmission range up to 120KM depending on model

 RS232, RS422/RS485 compatible data interfaces

Stand alone operation or mount in DW-VCC1 chassis 

Lightenig Protection:IP20

 Part Number  Description  Download
 DW-VCR1V1D-20  Receiver,1-Video,1-reversed data,sm,20km  Download
 DW-VCT1V1D-20  Transmitter,1-Video,1-reversed data,sm,20km  Download
 DW-VCR1V-02  Receiver, 1 Channel Video, multimode,2km  Download
 DW-VCT1V-02  Transmitter, 1 Channel Video, multimode,2km  Download