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Name: 14/16 slots Chassis for Media Converter
Time: 2014-3-20
Product description: DW-MCC1 is a 19-Inch rack mountable conversion center, capable of serving up to 14 pieces of media converters or 16 pieces of media conversion modules. In addition to the internal power supply, a back up supply is available as an optional extra. This unit and all conversion modules are CE and FCC-Class approved and they also conform to CCITT specifications.
Product details :

 Versatile chassis for multiple converter installations 

   Fourteen/Sixteen front panel slots for FHC Media Converters 

   19-inch Rack Mount 

   Optional redundant power supply 

   Plug and Play Operation 

   LED Indication for Primary and Secondary Power Supplies 

   LED Indication for Converters 

   Metal Case 

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