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Name: 4-port EOC Slaver
Time: 2014-3-20
Product description: DW-ES72/DW-ES74 is based on HomePlug AV coaxial Ethernet access scheme. It can be used with EOC Master which also based on HomePlug AV scheme. DW-ES72/DW-ES74 can build transmit channel to user Ethernet access service through CATV coaxial network
Product details :

 low frequency modulation EOC Slave. HomePlug AV method. Use INT6400 chip.

 Adopts 7.5-65MHz frequency, having no influence on CATV service

 Physical layer bandwidth is 600Mbps and MAC layer can be 320Mbps

 Support transmission encryption 

 Two or four 100M auto-adaptive RJ45 ports 

 Slave separate with each other 

 Support VLAN configuration based on Slave or user ports 

 Support Up& Downstream limitation 

 Support VLAN, bandwidth control, QOS configuration 

 Support Broadcast Storm limitation 

 Support database statistic 

 Auto configure Slave 

 Support WEBCLISNMP management

 Support online upgrade

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