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Name: EOC Master, 1 output
Time: 2014-3-20
Product description: DW-EM71 is the outdoor EOC Master of the EOC (Ethernet Over Coxial) solution. It is in compliant with HomePlug AV standard. The DW-EM71 have one EOC module. It provides one TV input, one com output and one 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation uplink ports. It offers the high-speed data service to the customer based on the coaxial cable network.
Product details :

 HomePlug AV solution, based the Qualcomm INT7410 chipset

 Modularized design, easy for maitain

 Aluminum alloy die casting shaping, good heat dissipation

 Outdoor waterproof designed, 60V/220V power supply optional

 7.5-65Mhz frequency for EOC signals., no influence on CATV Service

 PHY Layer speed 600Mbps, MAC Layer throughput up to 320Mpbs

 Support bi-direction data encryption

 Support broadcast storm limitation

 Support data packet statistics

 Support auto-update and auto-configuration

 Support WEBCLISNMP based network management

 Support On-line upgrading

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