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Name: EOC Master with fiber port(ONU)
Time: 2014-3-20
Product description: DW-EM7XO is the integrate EOC Master with one EOC master module and one ONU module. DW-EM7XO EOC Master can provide high speed data service based on coaxial cable network. DW-EM7XO built in a ONU. The module supports IEEE 802.3ah standards. It provide one SC/PC optical GEPON uplink port and two 10/100/1000M auto-negotiable Ethernet RJ45 ports.
Product details :

 High integration with two EOC Master modules and one ONU module

 Aluminum alloy die casting shaping, good heat dissipation

 Outdoor waterproof designed, 60V/220V power supply optional

 7.5-65Mhz frequency for EOC signals., no influence on CATV Service

 Support data encryption

 Support broadcast storm limitation

 Support data packet statistics

 Support auto-update and auto-configuration

 Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)

 Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software

 Support Port-based VLAN and IEEE802.1Q VLAN

 Support performance statistics based on ports

 Support ACL achieve the purposes of access control

 Support various LLID configuration and single LLID configuration. Different user and different service could provide different QOS by means of different LLID channels

 EMS network management based on SNMP

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