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Name: 4E1 to Ethernet Protocol Converter
Time: 2014-4-5
Product description: DONGWE DW-PC4E1-E adopts reverse multiplexing technology, transfers 10M/100M Ethernet data by binding 4E1 channels. The Ethernet data is GFP encapsulation and support LCAS and LAPS. The device achieves flexible configuration of 1~4 channels E1,and can detect E1 number and choose the available E1, some transfer delay allowed. The single line rate is 1980Kbit/s,4 up to 7872Kbit/s.
Product details :


Realize transparent Ethernet transmission in 1 to 4 E1 channels;

Based on self copyright IC;

10M/100M Ethernet, full/half duplex self adapt, support VLAN.

Ethernet support AUTO-MDIX( cross over and straight through self adaptive)

Most transfer delay can reach 220ms between any 2 E1 channels; when exceeded, there will be an alarm and the service will be terminated;

With inlaid dynamic Ethernet MAC list(4096),and local data frame filtering function;

E1 is conformed to ITU-T G.703, G.704 and G.823;

When transmission bandwidth increased, the Ethernet data will not be hurt; it's the same when decreased;

Perfect alarm indication, local/remote alarm will all be displayed;

Support the remote resetting by local;

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 DW-PC4E1-E  Protocol Converter, 4E1 to 10/100M Ethernet Converter, RJ45 or BNC for E1, Dual power supplies, for 19” Chassis  Download