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Name: Polishing Machine
Time: 2014-12-2
Product description: DW-PM02 type optical fiber grinding machine is based on the international general standard and long-term practical experience of optical fiber connector production equipment, suitable for all kinds of optical fiber connector end face grinding, and to ensure that products indicators advanced stability, high production efficiency, material cost less. Can grind connector types: FC/PC, FC/APC, SC/PC, SC/APC, ST/PC, ST/APC, LC/PC, LC/APC, MU, MTRJ, MPO, MTP, E2000, etc., only need to configure the connector type of grinding fixture. Connected by DW-PM02 type grinding head has low insertion loss, return loss value is high, the advantages of interchangeability repeatability is very good. DW-PM02 type optical fiber polishing machine, the stability is good, easy to operate.
Product details :

For surface-polishing of ceramics (including high hardness of ZrO2), quartz, glass, metal, and plastic etc

4-corner pressing structure, and can be set arbitrary polishing time according to the processing requirement

Polish plate pulsation :< 0.01mm.

Automatic recording grinding using frequency, can be used to guide the operator according to the grinding paper using frequency adjustment of grinding time 

Easy to load/ unload holder and change polishing-film.

The processing quality is stable, the repair rate is low, high production efficiency

Using Polymer waterproof material to ensure electrical the security.

Materials used S136 stainless steel imported from Germany

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