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Name: Fiber scope
Time: 2014-12-2
Product description: The WESTOVER optical fiber video microscope can inspect the optical core of the patch cord or the pigtail. It does not limit to the optical fiber inspection, applying in the very many similar examination environment, it also can inspect some special electronic device, applying in the slight archaeology, the metal crack survey enlargement and so on.The WESTOVER optical fiber video microscope may enlarge the optical fiber to 200 time, 400 time, 800 time.
Product details :

Power source: The alternating current - continuous current transformer (input alternating voltage 100V~250V, output the 12V cocurrent).

Power: 10 W

Cabinet structure: Steel system cabinet

Color: White

Weight: 1.25Kg

Disposition detailed list: 

Main engine 1pcs, 2.5mm adapter 1 pc, 1.25mm adapter 1 pc, 12V direct-current power supply 1 pc, video frequency line 1 pc

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