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Name: Active DWDM
Time: 2014-7-18
Product description: DWDM systems is the high speed and large capacity transmission system. With 48 transmission channel in maximum, the speed rate can reach 40 Gbit/s in a single channel, and the total capacity can be 1920Gbit/s. DWDM can fully met the requirement of telcom operator in super Rack-type DWDM System Outline, 2U+1U, 19” large capacity and long distant transmission, offer a firm platform for the transmission in multi-service and the upgrade for the network in the future. It is the best solution for the shortage of fiber cable at present.
Product details :

2U+1U rack-type DWDM equipment adopts the flexible expanding framework, supports modular on-line upgrade.It is easy to expand the capacity and maintain the system.By network management function in in-band andout-band, it is easy to manage. With various service interface, flexible configuration, economic network structureand stable operating, this system can effectively meet the dedand of the large transmission capacity in the MAN innew period.

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