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Name: Active CWDM
Time: 2014-7-18
Product description: DONGWE CWDM 2U+1U rack-type CWDM equipment applies the structure that is flexible to expand. It supports modular upgrade online, and realizes the capacity expanding and maintenance easily. The interface of customer service can be optical fiber port and RJ45 Ethernet port.
Product details :

Large capacity Using optical fiber with single mode at present, the transmission rate of each channel canreach 10Gbit/s. And the total capacity can be 160Gbit/s.

1+1 backup system for heat redundancy of power supply

Flexible and transparent access for various rates and services It provides various rate and service accesseswhich can support the services of Ethernet, PDH, SDH, and CATV and etc.

Compared with compact CWDM system 1U, this system expands the capacity more flexible by adding newinsertion CWDM module cards.

The interfaces of the plug and play customer service module cards can be both optical fiber port and RJ 45Ethernet port. Customers can choose its type flexibly according to their requirement.

Support single fiber, Bidi and dual fiber, Bidi transmission at the COM port of this system.

Flexible network management configuration and management mode

This system has high efficiency and eminence performance to protect customers’ benefit and investment.

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