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Name: Optical receiver(AGC)
Time: 2014-7-9
Product description: DW-ORA FTTH special optical receiver is designed to deal with FTTH fiber to the subscriber network structure and launch products, light AGC control characteristic, output settings, optical power input ( - 7 ~ + 2 dBm ), output level is maintained substantially constant, CTB / CSO basically unchanged, machine reserved for data communication interface, convenient and network management responder connection, access network management system, digital display parameters, so that the engineering debugging more convenient, high tensile aluminum alloy shell ( waterproof ), good shielding effect, more stable performance, highly cost-effective, can be widely used in HFC broadband integrated information network, can be used for fiber to the building, making the network more simplicity, lower cost, is the mainstream model of constructing CATV network.
Product details :

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