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Name: 1550nmErbium doped fiber amplifier(EDFA)
Time: 2014-7-9
Product description: DW-EDFA55 is a gain spectrum bandwidth at 1540 ~ 1563nm CATV power amplifier, this machine adopt international famous brand of the pump laser and the United States OFS erbium doped fiber, has low noise, saturated output power, improve the reliability of the APC, ACC, ATC control and good ventilation and heat dissipation design, to ensure the pump laser the long-lived in the high qualitative work, the front panel of the LCD provides the various working parameters, the input optical signal is lost, the laser automatic closing, to pump laser itself play a good role in the protection, applicable to the central office, branch and line relay, can also be used for other optical fiber communication network. CATV system is the most commonly used, the most dosage is a fiber amplifier. This machine is equipped with a microprocessor software, has a laser monitoring, digital display, fault alarm, network management and other functions, once the machine working parameters deviate from the software set the permission scope, the flashing red lights, warning.
Product details :

Pump laser and erbium-doped fiber are imported.

The front panel is provided with input and output indicating lamp, an alarm lamp.

Reliable optical power output stabilizing circuit and laser heating refrigeration stability control circuit,

With RS-232 and RS-485 standard interface and advanced SNMP network management function.

Double backup switch power supply, can be used in the 110 - 254V or - 48V electric work.

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