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Name: 1550nm External modulation optical transmitter
Time: 2014-7-9
Product description: DW-OT55EM is an international general technical standard of high-grade type external modulation optical transmitter, used mainly for TV image signal, the digital signal and the data signal of the long distance optical fiber transmission. This product is light path part adopt international famous brand 1550nmDFB laser and high performance LINbo3 modulator, system optimization control. 47 ~ 862MHz broadband, CNR = 53dB, CTB = 65dB, CSO = 65dB, SBS: 13, 16, 18 adjustable, can meet the high quality of CATV network transmission of video, audio data. The machine is equipped with perfect RS232 communication interface, an optional SNMP network management software and 1+1 power supply backup, chassis temperature can achieve the automatic control.
Product details :

External modulation technology chrip, very low dispersion distortion, high extinction ratio, 40~862MHz band has a good character.

Selection of international famous brands of high performance DFB laser and LINBO3 external modulator.

Laser with 1548 1563nm wavelength, can be menu, double fiber optical power output.

AGC / MGC mode field selectable, OMI site optimization.

High reaches 47 ~ 1080MHz bandwidth.

SBS: 13, 16, 18dBm adjustable.

Perfect RS232 communication interface.

Advanced SNMP network management functions.

Double power supply backup.

Automatic temperature control cabinet.

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