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Name: 1550/1310nmDirect modulation optical transmitter(AGC, dual module)
Time: 2014-7-9
Product description: DW-OT53DM is a practical, high index, multifunctional and short distance transmission product. It is the construction of CATV HFC network equipment. This machine adopts the high linearity, low chirp DFB laser as light source, RF drive part adopts advanced pre-distortion compensation and closed loop AGC, APC, ATC control, to ensure that the excellent performance, and make the optical receiver output level is constant, various working parameters by the micro processing control, optional SNMP network management software and 1+1 power supply backup, chassis temperature can achieve the automatic control, can be applied to high-end users.
Product details :

Imported double module RF driver.

This machine is equipped with a microprocessor software, has a laser monitoring, digital display,alarm and other functions.

The front panel of the high brightness LCD display, observe the machine parameters.

Automatic laser modulation ( OMI ) control, AGC & MGC.

Perfect RS232 communication interface.

Advanced SNMP network management functions.

Dual power supply main preparation.

Automatic chassis temperature control, ensure the laser operating life.

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