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Name: 1310nmOutdoor optical transmitter
Time: 2014-7-9
Product description: DW-OT31O Outdoor optical transmitter, adopts the world famous brands of high linearity DFB laser, built perfect pre distortion correction circuit, and a laser APC, ATC closed loop control circuit, the various working parameters by the micro processing control, and by LCD screen to provide relevant working state and fault information. The machine also utilizes a high performance waterproof cast aluminum alloy shell, high reliability of switching power supply and advanced lightning protection system, machine provided with a large power electronic system thermal cooler, to ensure that the equipment can work stably for a long time in the wild environment.
Product details :

Use imported module.

Selection of international famous brands of high performance DFB laser.

Improve the reliability of the optical power output stabilizing circuit and laser heating refrigeration stability control circuit.

Suitable for field work, rain, lightning protection, convenient installation.

High reliability of switch power supply, can be in the 110-254V, 60V alternating current AC or DC 48V work.

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