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Жители деревни на колени Лан уезд секретарь партии Qiuzhi сточных продолжал: привлеченные предприятия остановить производство ректификации
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      Hunan Shuangfeng county Party secretary said, but the noise emission of polluting enterprises the villagers, enterprises have been discontinued rectification for

      news dispatch recently, netizens to a source says, August 20th, Hunan Shuangfeng County Pu Zhen Xi Kou Cun, Xingzi dozen villagers kneeling on the ground, stopped by the Secretary of Shuangfeng county the Wu Dehua car, request the closure to a discharge gas sewage potassium chlorate enterprises.

      Shuangfeng county Party Secretary Wu Dehua said yesterday, this enterprise emissions in line with environmental protection department standard, but the noise exceed the standard, has ordered the company stop production rectification.

      enterprise chlorine leak had induced dead bamboo

      it is understood, the villagers chemical enterprise called coral Technology Co. Ltd, in the production of potassium chlorate, and Xi Kou Cun across the Lianshui river. The Lianshui River empties into Xiangjiang.

      Xi Kou Cun villagers, since the company was built in 2001, has repeatedly led the villagers raised ducks, fish death. In May 6th this year, the coral technology company weld the exhaust discharge pipe cracking, resulting in a small amount of chlorine leakage directly without treatment, chlorine and moisture in the air reacts to form hydrochloric acid, HCl attached leaves, resulting in near the source, Xikou village two part bamboo yellow.

      a villager Xikou village, villagers repeatedly to the enterprise, government reflect fail, "in order to attract attention, not just think of to kneel Lan county Party committee secretary of the car."

      yesterday, Shuangfeng county Party Secretary Wu Dehua said, according to the villagers chemical factory water, air pollution and noise exceed the standard issue, the environmental protection department has been monitoring, report shows that water, gas emission standard, but the noise exceed the standard, has the responsibility of the enterprises stop production rectification, not up to the requirements of environmental protection never start, and please a level environmental protection departments supervise.

      bamboo damaged a thing has to reach a compensation agreement of

      apricot Pu Zhen Chang Zhao Xiyu told reporters, chlorine gas leakage occurred, has been dead for 300 mu of bamboo, but had no effect on water quality. According to the introduction, 300 acres of damaged bamboo belongs to the dual, Xikou village two, forestry department was given loss on the damaged bamboo, with the dual source villagers reached a compensation agreement, is now working with the Xi Kou Cun consultation for matters concerned.

      Zhao Xiyu also said, the villagers knelt stopped the car to reflect the aspirations of the Secretary, is not appropriate, but not on this behavior was investigated.

      Wu Dehua told the Beijing News reporter, the afternoon of August 20th, the villagers knelt stopped the vehicle, you sit on the second bus, did not get off, "is because the whole process will be three minutes, sit first car town Party Secretary has been properly treated".

      Wu Dehua said, He Xi Kou Cun is held on-site office will be to poverty alleviation. In August 21st, Shuangfeng county government website issued through the says, at this meeting, "Wu Dehua points out, the development must be based on ecological protection Xikou village for the first premise, closely combined with the environmental advantages, planning a road of sustainable development."