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Южнокорейские спортсмены в Северной Корее впервые в Корее розового золота флаг
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      xinhuanet.com Pyongyang 15 September, North Korea is the capital of Pyongyang for the 2013 Asian Cup and the Asian Club Weightlifting Championships, South Korea's 14 won the gold medal, in the country, first played the South Korea National Anthem "patriotic songs" and raised Han Guoguo flag flag.

      according to the KCNA report, South Korean weightlifter Jin Youzhi, Li Yongjun (transliteration) won the junior men's 85 kg class gold and silver respectively, Li Zaiguang won the junior men's 94 kg class bronze.

      North Korea at the entry date notified the ROK, allowed for the first time the South Korean delegation athletes win when l South Korean national flag, national anthem played in South korea. The South Korean delegation members a total of 41, including 22 athletes and 19 staff.

      it is reported, this weightlifting Championship held at the Zheng Zhouyong stadium in Pyongyang, divided into adolescent group and adult group, respectively, from 11 to 14, 15 to 17 days to hold, from Korea, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, China, India, Thailand and other 16 countries participated in the game.