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Женщина перед Белого дома палатках против войны 32 года до того, как полиция демонтированы
автор:admin   источник:Xinhuanet.com   дата:2013-9-15   Просмотров:

      America white is the American president and his family's station, opposite the Lafayette Park, Concepcion Picciotto but all year round here, pitch camp protest President "neighbors", as the anti nuclear and anti war demonstrations for 32 years.

      1981, she in a tent erected across from the White House, "peaceful protest vigil" logo, 24 hours a day, uninterrupted, called on people not to hide in the underground, and to stand out to save himself, condemning the killings of weapons, anti nuclear protest. The final into tourist attractions.

      reportedly, skin Giotto became Lafayette Park only protesters because in the square issued "regulations prohibit protests and camping" before her protest point already exists. In order to keep the protest, Picciotto had to in a long stick to the tent. Many veterans and volunteers joined her protest team, they volunteer. "Peace house", take turns to keep watch. 12 afternoon, a volunteer on duty due to leave for a little while, tents have been demolished by the police.