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Япония международный скандал в Германии аэропорта намеренно пердеть из послали в
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      the players on and off the pitch because discipline suffered punishment, it is normal. However the player because make airport customs officers at the airport, abuse, and even fart was fined, it is shocking and surprising. Recently, the Japanese national team striker active, Borussia Frankfurt midfield dry quest because the evil, become the focus of the media. In fact, football people rely on the rich and famous, in public gaffes and troubled, There are plenty of people who.

      customs violations were make airport

      because the team record differential pressure loss?

      the coverage of the German "Bild", the news began to make fun of writing: "warning! This story is very smelly!" As previously played for the national team in two warm-up match, dry quest until this Thursday from Nagoya flew back to Frankfurt in germany. And the Frankfurt Main Airport customs officers in the routine inspection, found that dry quest carry a 3000 euros worth of Breitling watches. According to the German customs regulations, carrying more than 450 euros worth of goods clearance must declare in advance, and dry your failed to do so, so the Customs personnel requirements dry quest to terminal 1 office to assist in the investigation.

      the normal behavior, irritated dry quest. Witnesses told the "Bild", then dry your first to customs officers snapped shouted, later shout abuse, full of dirty words. After the dry quest or by customs officers to office for further investigation, but unexpectedly the Japanese players made spectacular, he deliberately fart provocations in closed office area narrow, check with customs unbearable.