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Гуандун будет построен, чтобы заменить координатора Красного Креста часть органа функцию организации закупок
автор:admin   источник:Ifeng.com   дата:2013-9-15   Просмотров:

      Nandu's   at the beginning of September 1st, China's citizens donate compulsory system distribution, from the terminal to solve the matching degree according to the illness, decided to transplant to the issue of who. But who can find potential organ donors, by which hospital (transplantation center of organ donations, to be clear).

      yesterday morning, reporters from the Guangdong Province human organ donation to get informed and distribution management work meeting, Guangdong in the context of a to multiple organ procurement organization (OPO), responsible for potential organ donors propaganda, medical evaluation etc.. The first training 8  0 coordinator, after examination, will replace the part of the function of previous Red Cross coordinator, engaged in the hospital propaganda, medical evaluation, signed the legal documents work.

      according to the idea of Guangdong Province, obtain judicial organ (death organ), will also be included in the distribution system. Also plans to build sharing system and distribution of Hongkong grid, let the organ donor dedication to get application in the wide range.

      actuator Red Cross Coordinator will switch to witness the work

      Guangdong as one of the three major domestic transplant center, medical institutions, have one or more organ transplantation received a total of 16 home. In September 1st the national health planning regulations, work to a transplant hospital organ donors, legal documents found by the provincial Red Cross, the Shenzhen red cross organ donation coordinator for operation. The organ by which hospital acquired by the Red Cross coordinator, assessment, contacts, susceptible to question authority.

      "according to the provisions of the state, Guangdong will establish a multi provincial OPO, and delineate the scope, responsible for organ donation work area". Guangdong Provincial Health Bureau of Medical Affairs Office Deputy Director Zhang Wei said, in case the future regional organ donation, will directly by a OPO corresponding to be responsible for the.

"Guangdong Province the original idea is to set up a unified OPO organization, has received 15 applications, but it certainly doesn't need so much, the future will be in the 10 House approved within, and consider the establishment of a joint OPO". Zhang Wei said, the partition of O  PO area, potential case base found no longer after the Red Cross, direct notice for the region of OPO.

      it is reported, the Red Cross will continue to participate in the donation work, the work is still needed to support the red cross. Zhang Wei said: "the Red Cross coordinator Is it right? Needs transformation, the need to understand the red cross." Industry sources, a major work of Red Cross coordinator of the future, will be for organ donation and transplantation process, witness.