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Гуанчжоу гражданским делам Бюро суда заместитель инспектора взяточничество в тюрьму на 11 лет
автор:admin   источник:NetEase news   дата:2013-9-15   Просмотров:

yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau deputy inspector Yi Jiashun bribery case in Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court of first instance verdict. The court found before and after 2009, the advantage of his position to facilitate, and multiple organs canteen recommended supplier, so from a fruit and vegetable trading company in charge of bribery 200000 yuan. In addition, the from 2007 to enter the civil system, in order to get the promotion to director of the original Li Zhizhen bribery, including RMB $, Canadian dollars, worth a total of about 800000 yuan of cash goods. In 2012 the "three" period, Yi Jiashun and the former head of Li Zhizhen et al have Lok Ma, forming the system nest case. The court ultimately to bribery and bribery of Jiashun combined punishment for several crimes, decided to implement a 11 year prison sentence, and confiscate property 20000 yuan, money 200000 yuan after the seizure, but also confiscated turned over to the state treasury. Whether the appeal, Yi Jiashun said to the lawyer decided after discussion.