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Контрольно-ревизионное управление: основан 30 лет увеличить доходы и сократить расходы и восстановить потерю 1,2 юаней
автор:admin   источник:Xinhuanet.com   дата:2013-9-15   Просмотров:

      xinhuanet.com Beijing in September 15,   in 15 days of audit institutions set up 30 years, the Audit Commission published a set of Statistics: 30 years, audit institutions directly contribute to increase revenue and reduce expenditure and restore the loss of 1.2 yuan, the transfer of illegal items and crime clue 42000 pieces, Legislation Coordination in more than 700 pieces of laws and regulations.

      "the auditing organ is the national interests of the defenders, the guardian of public funds, anti-corruption sword, power of inhibition, deepen the reform of the catalyst." Auditor general Liu Jiayi said, 30 years, audit supervision in maintaining the financial order, strengthen the construction, promote the rule of law, improve governance, promoting the deepening of reform and economic and social development play a positive role in.

      the true, legitimate and effective implementation of audit supervision of the national financial revenue and expenditure, is the primary responsibility of the auditing organ. In 30 years, the operation of financial capital to where, where is follow up audit supervision. Audit organs except for the central budget implementation, a year in the first instance, but also around the central major policy measures implemented, major investment projects and major public events, carried out a large number of special audit, the cumulative increase revenue and reduce expenditure directly promote and restore the loss of 1.2 yuan. According to estimates, last year, the Audit Commission each spent 1 yuan of financial funds, for countries to bring direct economic benefits of 116 yuan.