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Капитал бомбардировки аэропорта 17 сентября судебные юристы сказал: не надо вести уголовную ответственность
автор:admin   источник:Ifeng.com   дата:2013-9-15   Просмотров:

      the Beijing News "7 · 20" the capital airport bombing suspect Hebei Zhongxing, suspected of the crime explosion case will be heard in court in September 17th.

      that the prosecution, Hebei Zhongxing behavior constitutes the crime explosion. The Hebei Zhongxing lawyer said, the suspect accidentally touched the explosive device, does not constitute the crime explosion.

      in the event of a police slight injury

      the prosecution organ charges, July 20, 2013, Hebei Zhongxing carrying homemade explosive devices, from the place of residence in Shandong province Juancheng county bus to Beijing alone, and in that day 18 when make, come to the Beijing Capital International Airport terminal three international passengers two layer to the B export at. In the face of police enforcement, Hebei Zhongxing detonated improvised explosive devices, resulting in their own injuries, police face, arms and chest back burns, was identified as a slight injury. After the incident, the scene disorder, international arrivals exit channel emergency shutdown. Hebei Zhongxing by police on the spot control.

      that the prosecution, Hebei Zhongxing behavior constitutes the crime explosion, according to criminal law, "no serious consequences, at more than three years to ten years in prison".

      lawyer says for "the punishment of law"

      "during the meeting, Hebei Zhongxing said absolutely not thought to detonate, never Dutch act, just want to attract attention from society." Hebei Zhongxing lawyer said, watching the scene monitoring video recording analysis, "that he didn't want to".

      Hebei Zhongxing lawyer says, the "bomb" is made of discarded flashlight and double Bang firecracker. Time of the incident, Hebei Zhongxing self-made "bomb" from left to right, is not careful touch organ ", detonated a bomb". Hebei Zhongxing's left hand was severed flew out, at present already amputation.

      "in many places he didn't want to explode, that do not want to hurt others, he also expressed regret for his actions. I think, the behavior of fault explosion." The lawyer said, according to the provisions of the criminal law act, fault explosion, only causing serious consequences to constitute a crime. The explosion blew off the fault, his left hand, left ear eardrum perforation, and caused no injuries or harm others, also did not cause damage to others or public property, its behavior should be treated according to "Public Security Management Punishment Law".