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Ю. Jianrong сегодня пойдет на Гуйчжоу работать в качестве главного помощника
автор:admin   источник:Sina.com.cn   дата:2013-9-15   Просмотров:

      yesterday, Sina micro-blog netizens outgoing mail, said Professor Yu Jianrong director of research center of rural social development research China Academy of Social Sciences, will travel to Guizhou Xingyi City, Rong Xiang as an assistant in the recent chapter village. It Rong Xiang confirmed yesterday, indeed, Yu will be an Zhang Cun testing, guide the rural construction.

      yesterday morning at eleven fifty-eight, Sina micro-blog certified as "Henan agglomeration chief adviser" Industry Consulting Co. Ltd. Yang Jianguo in Sina micro-blog documents, called "well-known scholar Yu Jianrong will travel to Guizhou Xingyi Rong village as the assistant, the Yu Jian Rong I confirmed: have to report to the leadership, whether leaders agree with no, they will go to Guizhou. And say: not lead Guizhou out subsidies, bring their own dry food. The starting time may be set on September 15th."

      this article is issued, the journalist immediately to the township government is proving rong. The Xiang Bian Xiang Long told reporters, Professor Yu has repeatedly help Rong Xiang national village renovation, this year, the Rong Xiang investment of a development project, the Township Committee township government decided, invite Yu to Rong Xiang is an Zhang Cun testing, guide the rural construction work.

      reporter yesterday to call Yu Jianrong, he said, is expected to start in September 15th.

      Yu Zhengrong said in reply to comments: "in 1, I never in Guizhou brought a penny wage subsidies and reimbursement of expenses of carriage, never to the villagers eat white of, all bring their own food. 2, hope to the Buyi village, has restored from the decline, through the establishment of cultural tourism properties' Buyi courtyard ', and for the artist to create a space of creation. 3, my personal energy Co., please friends to participate in."