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Фу Инь шоссе туннель в Шэньси метанол транспорт грузовик взрыв авария
автор:admin   источник:Sina.com.cn   дата:2013-9-15   Просмотров:

      Xi'an xinhuanet.com on 15 September, a reporter from the Shaanxi Province Transport Department was informed, 15 at 7 pm, the lucky silver high-speed Shaanxi to Shangluo section of a tunnel in Xi'an occurred in the methanol transport vehicle leakage and explosion accident, the relevant departments in dealing with the aftermath of the accident and traffic work, the specific casualties the situation is not clear.

      it is understood, the accident site is located in Fu Yin Highway West (ANN) to business (LOS) section of Xi'an city to Shangluo direction Li River No. three tunnel, currently dealing with the aftermath of the accident is under way. Road accidents have two-way closed, highways department with the traffic police in Xi'an city Lantian Bailu Plain interchange and Shangluo City Shangzhou hub interchange segregation measures taken. At present, Xi'an Highway to Shangzhou direction and business diffuse speed to Xi'an direction has been closed to traffic, the vehicle compulsory shunt to Shanghai Shaanxi high-speed traffic.